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Manifold Valve Manufacturer in India

Welcome to Arcellor Controls (INDIA) - your destination ultimate for all your valves and fittings needs. We are India's leading Manifold Valve Manufacturers, Supplier & Exporter providing our customers with products that are of international quality standard at the most cost-effective price in the market.

All our products are compatible with ISO 9001:2015, PED Certified and our In-House testing facility assures, verify and confirm high quality of products that are available to our customer’s at the most competitive prices and in the timeliest manner possible.

Our range of Manifold Valves has been designed with durability and performance in the spotlight. These Manifold Valves are available in a variety of sizes.

What is Manifold Valve?

A Block and bleed manifolds are a hydraulic manifold Valve that connects one or more (block/isolate) valves and (bleed/vent) valves of a hydraulic (fluid) system. Use of the block and bleed manifold is to isolate/block the flow of fluid in the system so that fluid from upstream of the manifold does not reach other components of the system that are downstream.

A manifold is a mechanism that connects one or more block/isolate valves of a hydraulic system. Hydraulic system includes variety of valves such as ball, needle, bleed and vent valves and many more. In the case of a block and bleed manifold, the purpose is to isolate the flow of fluid in configuration and ensure that the fluids from upstream do not come into contact with the components from downstream. So the main use of manifold valve is to achieve isolating the flow of the fluid in the system.

Advantages of a Manifold Valve

  • Manifold Valves are used in numerous of different applications from mini-portable machines to heavy industrial equipment
  • Manifold Valves are used to stop the flow of fluids to reach some component
  • Manifolds Valves minimize pressure drop and heat that improve efficiency and reduce energy costs
  • Small and solid sizes with cartridge valve design that suitable in restricted spaces.
  • Simple and compact design which diminish installation costs and connections.
  • Manifold helps to reduce space, requires less fittings, less assembly time, and reduced leak points that improves system layout.

If you would like help from one of our experts to determine which valve manifold you need, then please call us on +91-9619740004. Alternatively, you can email us at info@arcellorcontrols.com or arcellorcontrols@gmail.com


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